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These videos show how construction professionals can use propane to meet demanding design and systems performance requirements. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where you can find even more training and informational videos on residential and commercial topics.

Design and Installation

Introduction to community propane systems

Thanks to propane, builders in communities that don’t have access to natural gas can give homeowners the performance they desire, without the cost of extending the natural gas main. Builders can install a propane tank at each home, but more are turning to community propane systems that supply continuous propane to each home from a centralized source. Watch the video to learn why more builders are using community propane systems.

Innovative Propane Technologies

How well do you know propane?

You may know that propane can be used for more than just backyard barbecues. But are you aware of how many ways it can be used in a home? From space and water heating to cooking and clothes drying, propane can power a variety of home systems. Builders must be ready to communicate those opportunities to homeowners. Watch the video to learn about the tools the Propane Education & Research Council has developed to help construction professionals talk with their customers about propane.

Propane Energy Pod

Four space heating myths to watch out for

A high-efficiency propane furnace can handle a home’s space-heating needs on its own, or it can be used with other heating systems such as heat pumps and geothermal. Propane is a versatile fuel source that allows builders to tailor heating systems to the project. In this short video, builder Matt Risinger discusses four common misconceptions about space heating that could be holding your projects back.

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Energy Pod Tool

A five-in-one solution
for whole-home energy
efficiency and carbon


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See how other design and construction professionals are using propane to build more efficient, comfortable, and resilient homes.

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