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Interactive Tools

Calculate costs, compare performance, or find a local propane representative by using the tools below. The interactive tools below demonstrate the impressive energy savings, carbon reduction, and high performance that building with propane allows. For example, see how a fully equipped propane home performs on several metrics versus a standard home built to code. Or search for a qualified propane retailor in your neighborhood.

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Compare space or water
heating systems using the Heating Energy Cost and
Carbon Calculator.

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Propane Energy Calculator

What is your answer when a homeowner asks, "Which system costs less to operate?" The Heating Energy Cost and Carbon Calculator can help you answer that question by estimating how much it will cost each year to run a system, either for space heating or domestic hot water. It also measures the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with the system's operation.

Energy Pod

A five-in-one solution
for whole-home energy
efficiency and carbon

Propane Energy Pod Tool

The Propane Energy Pod is a model for new construction that optimizes the comfort, efficiency, convenience, and environmental profile of a home. It does this by treating the five key energy uses in a home — space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying — as the components of a whole-home energy package. Use the tool below to see how the comprehensive approach to home energy depicted by the Propane Energy Pod is central to maximizing a new home’s overall performance.


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Find a Propane Retailer

This tool will take you to our directory of propane retailors. Enter your zip code and the kind of service you’re looking for. The directory will provide established, reputable dealers in the area and help you set up an appointment to discuss your next propane project.



Supplement your online training
by studying our independently
researched fact sheets

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See how other design and construction professionals are using propane to build more efficient, comfortable, and resilient homes.

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